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Factory Wiz

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FactoryWiz Monitoring is a powerful, modern CNC machine tool and non-CNC asset monitoring and data collection system.
FactoryWiz Monitoring is a complete on-premise intranet software solution that provides tools to drive unlimited large screen dashboards, unlimited real-time status displays of manufacturing assets and process along with on-demand or automatic e-mailed historical reports directly to your inbox.
FactoryWiz Monitoring is NOT a cloud based system.  It resides on-site where you have complete control of your data.  Live and historical data can be viewed from anywhere in the world on ANY web enabled device: PC’s, tablets, and smart phones.
Equipped with a fully documented, Open Architecture API this flexible, scalable system provides complete access to all data for direct customer modification of historical reports and dashboards as well as data exchange/integration with other ERP manufacturing systems.
FactoryWiz Monitoring prides itself on being MTConnect compliant as well as having the most native Ethernet and Serial monitoring protocols in our market space. The majority of CNC Controls for the past 10 years have been fitted with CAT5 Ethernet and built-in data collection protocols which have never been utilized.
The robust native protocols combined with MTConnect provide live productivity status and process changes such as Machine Status, Alarm Number/Message, Current Program Number/Program Name, Progress bar with % of Current Program completed, Feed, Speed and Spindle Load Override Dials, Active Tool, Duration of Current Status, Job and BatchNumber along with Idle Reasons easily input by the operator using large buttons on a touch-screen display.
Legacy CNC and non-CNC equipment can also be connected and monitored using off-the-shelf hardware such as Advantech ADAM (Data Acquisition Module) PLCs and MOXA-style Ethernet-to-RS232 components.  When combined with the included State-of-the-Art FactoryWiz DNC software, the combination of ADAM and MOXA hardware can provide nearly the same monitoring information as a modern Ethernet equipped CNC control.
FactoryWiz Monitoring Systems are provided as completely turn-key including on-site engineering for installation/training and hardware.  A unique option is that any hardware may be sourced directly by the end-user.