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TST Custom Software

You spoke, we listened! From the TST Custom Software Applications Group:

Sometimes, a custom application is the most affordable way to capture and implement

your business process. While our off the shelf world class products will take your

company to the next level, it is our goal to automate every aspect of your process, to

help you compete in the global market

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  • Turn quotes into Jobs, with automatically generated BOM
  • Provides at-a-glance Job Status, Quote Status, Reports and P&L
  • Real-time Shop floor time entry – up to the minute results
  • Fully integrated to work with your existing CAD software.
  • Analyze CAD data to generate quote in Excel format.
  • Comes tailored for Tool Shops or Production environments.
  • You don’t have to customize production software
  • Integrated with your accounting software, no need for new software.
  • Automatically pulls pricing and created POs.
  • Consistent deliveries, reports and job status.

Are you still typing numbers into your EDM? WHY????

Save time on your:

  • Electrode CNC Machining
  • RAM EDM Programming
  • Lineup sheet generation
  • Tool path automatically generated for your EDM
  • Output for any CNC EDM
  • Identifies electrodes from your bill of materials
  • Automatically rotates electrodes to machine position
  • Creates lineup sheets and generates your EDM programming
  • Automatic output to your Lineup sheet
  • Automatic output to your RAM EDM Program or BOTH!


The COMPLETE SOLUTION – Solutions that make Sense!

Are you spending over an hour on a single quote?

  • Uses Solids and Surfaces
  • Extracts volume, weight, and costs
  • Puts your volume, weight, and cost data into Excel
  • Using client part data creates custom cavity and core blocks to your company standards
  • Automatic generation of cavity and core blocks for your design team
  • Converts measurements between English and Metric on the fly
  • Dynamic sectioning tool
  • Part comparison
  • Draft analysis
  • Quotes can be done within minutes!

Automatically design your fixture from your part data

  • Attributed component library
  • Automated body line creation
  • Intelligent Base Plate creation
  • Design to Machine MFR
  • Automatic Bill of Materials
  • 1000’s of standard components built in