The basic premise of EnSuite is to democratize access to 3D CAD data across the organization to groups outside of engineering/design, including sales/marketing, purchasing, quality, estimation, manufacturing, packaging, and customer service, among others.

EnSuite includes tools to provide quick access to critical engineering information residing in CAD data, no matter which CAD system was used to author it.


  • Doesn’t require specific CAD authoring system in order to access critical information.
  • Easily accessed by all parts of organizations.
  • Viewing available for all major native CAD & standard formats.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Competitively priced.



View all major native CAD, Standard formats and Visualization and Point Cloud files in a single viewer, independent of the source CAD system.


Analyze and query data quickly from CAD files using simple user-friendly productivity tools. This includes distance measurements, calculating mass properties, bounding volumes, BOM, and more. No prior CAD experience required.


Translate your CAD Files, Markups, and reports with your extended enterprise, using best-in-class translators, collaboration tools, and a 3D PDF generator.


You can automate designs, processes, integrate internal systems, and integrate PDM/PLM/ERP.

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