A single platform combines all key aspects of shop management.
This is an ERP designed specifically to solve problems unique to the
Tooling Industry.” -by Experienced Manufacturing Professionals


  • Identify Jobs in Trouble immediately
  • Stop missing Deadlines and Profit targets
  • Preconfigured to support Mold, Die or General Machining
  • Simple, effective, and affordable tracking

Benefits of TSTracker PRO

Increase speed and productivity of Estimators
• Grow a common knowledge base
• Standard formats guarantee consistency & confidence

Eliminate inaccurate quoting
• No more overcharging & being uncompetitive
• No more undercharging & losing profit

Drill down to compare your actual costs by labor group with what was quoted
• Identify which labor group (specific activity) performed as expected
• Validate assumptions about costs when the quote was made

Early Warning System for potentially missed delivery-date
Prevent missed long-lead BOM item order dates
Avoid unexpected interruptions to other jobs

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