3D tool design, and comprehensive 2D Machining, 3D Machining and 4- 5-axis milling strategies.

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Factory Wiz

Machine Monitoring, Reporting, Real Time Status Updates. Premium OEE Solutions. Premium CNC Monitoring.  Real time displays, Alert notifications, Timeline view, Productivity reports.

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Save time on your Electrode CNC machining, RAM EDM Programming Tool paths are automatically generated for your EDM. TST RAM provides output for any CNC EDM.

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PEPS Tubecut Laser is an industry leading Laser CAD/CAM system for rotary and multi axis cutting machines developed specifically for tube cutting and manipulation industry. PEPS Tubecut has the ability to import 3D geometry and machine them directly

PEPS Pentacut Laser is an industry leading 5 axis Laser CAD/CAM system developed specifically for the general engineering, automotive and aerospace industries. PEPS Pentacut has Full Solid 3D simulation of machine, nozzle and part.

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Edgecam Turning-trademark

Production oriented CAM solution with associative CAD integration, automation tools and extensive programming functionality for live tooling machines.

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Machining Strategist

Designed to be deployed on the shopfloor, MACHINING STRATEGIST is a powerful 3D and 3+2 CAM application that generates optimum, high speed CNC toolpaths from models generated by all major 3D CAD systems.

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