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TST Testimonials

VISI and TST Testimonials


Please pass this on - the undo history list is very nice. After going in the wrong direction for a while during the engineering process of designing tooling it is nice to pull that list up and return to a precise spot without having to take a guess or set a bookmark. And a bookmark can still be set from the list!

Very good job.

Imagine if one could go back to, for example, blends, and change a blend size. But of course corruptions could occur - and that is the short coming of those other products with a history tree - it is easy to blow it up and lose more work than simply going back in a list of functions as we have now.

Very good job to the development staff. Any other product sold where VISI should have been bought was purchased by name, not by product.

Bob Simmons
Summit Tool Works

It really says a lot about VISI and the TST team to be able to pull together a file in the morning, work with an overseas colleague spanning across over 1/3 of the time zones in the world, and give me professional quality results before I even have time to go for lunch. It also demonstrates the power, agility, and intuitiveness of VISI where I have not had any formal training on the software. I have had pretty good results just experimenting on my own, and now have been elevated to a much higher level by seeing the example that has been laid out before me. I am really pleased with our choice of VISI and can recommend it as an excellent set of programming tools.

Bob Wissenbach
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

"We were trained by TST in the use of VISI and all it's features. I LOVE this software It actually does the things it says it will..."

Joe Kadzban
Express It Inc.

"TST's honesty is refreshing and confirms their credibility! They won't make claims they can't back up, and they are willing to (and do!) prove what they claim. They are the most responsive software company I've worked with; when I call needing help they are right on it!"

Steve Sanchez
Total Flow

Machining package is awesome! There is a huge benefit with an all in one package. Support is awesome.

Dennis Gill
Digital Tool & Die

VISI is a great package and has helped increase quality and efficiency.

Kent Hanson
HS Die

While other software companies have made many promises over the years TST delivers far more than what was ever promised. The Technical support staff will frequently stop in and check on us to make sure all is well. THAT IS SUPPORT!

Jeff Weidner
JLJ Engineering

TST and VISI-Seris has cut 30% out of our design times. They listen to what we have to say and deliver on what we need.

Harold Steele
HS Die & Engineering

TST Special Applications Group has saved us hundreds of hours with their custom applications. "They can make anything"

Mike Dery
RCO Engineering

TST doesn't just teach the products they sell, they also teach the Process and the practical uses of the Applications. At the conclusion of the standard classes they come out on site and help us "Put it to real use"

Denis Comartin
Absolute Tool & Engineering