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TSTracker ERP for Mold and Die shops

Accurate and Up-to-Date Access to Real-Time Job Costs & Expected Contributed Profit Margin! Quickly Identify and React in Real-Time to “Jobs-in-Trouble”! Never Second-Guess your New Business Pipeline – Quick Easy access to RFQ’s, Quotes and Active Jobs!

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Analysis provides a suite of dedicated tools for the validation and preparation of model geometry. When working with imported data, the quality of the model is an important consideration. Finding potential problems at an early stage within the project will greatly simplify the task of the designer and generate huge time savings further along the design process

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Factory Wiz

Machine Monitoring, Reporting, Real Time Status Updates. Premium OEE Solutions. Premium CNC Monitoring. Types: Real time displays, Alert notifications, Timeline view, Productivity reports.

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Dynaform Die Simulation Software

Die System Analysis (DSA) simulations streamline die system design through the analysis of scrap shedding/removal, structural integrity and sheet metal transferring/handling.  DSA’s process guidance approach allows engineers to use simple graphic interfaces to execute complicated preparation and simulation processes. DYNAFORM Version 6.0 is Now Available! 

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Forget all that you already know and discover a new scanning experience with Kreon Ace Skyline scanning arm. The speed of the Skyline 3D scanner allows to digitize any part in a blink of an eye. Its accuracy detects the smallest details of the most complex parts.

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TSTracker PRO ERP for Injection Mold shops and Progressive Die Shops

TSTracker Pro is not your average ERP Software, it is Predictable Profits and On-Time Delivery that are driven by Standardized Quoting and Job Cost Tracking for Mold and Die shops.

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