TSTracker ERP for Mold and Die shops

TSTracker- ERP System for the Mold & Die Industry!

TSTracker Enterprise Edition:

TSTracker ERP was solely developed to identify and solve Mold and Die maker’s problems:  improve on-time delivery, provide increased quality, and enable informed management decisions to drive predictable profits.  Quotes in minutes, eliminate duplicate entries, instant status for the project manager, and job scheduling that removes the continuous “What should I do next?” questions constantly posed to managers.  Capture the information from the work that you already do and receive meaningful reports using TSTracker’s full suite of reports.


Job Scheduling

Track Progress of All Tool Build Tasks by Job in real Time!

Cash Flow

Always know your Expected Cash Flow – Anytime, Anywhere at the touch of a button

Jobs in Trouble

Never Second-Guess your New Business Pipeline – Quick Easy access to RFQ’s, Quotes, and Active Jobs!

  • Task Tracking
  • Easy accurate shipping
  • Reports in Real-Time, Anywhere!

Estimating and Quoting

Designed and developed by industry experts specifically for mold and die shops Focusing on improving Efficiencies, productivity, and profits.

Quickly create new unique estimates using customized templates

Create estimates and quotes from your existing spreadsheet to populate the database without altering your current process.

Compare similar estimates from multiple estimators to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Contributed Margin

Helps management gain an understanding of how a specific product, type of product, or a specific customer contributes to the company’s profit.

Contributed Margin is the portion of sales that helps to offset fixed costs and provide profit to the company.

Missing Revenue

Import your customer invoice information and amounts from your accounting system, this report indicates potential missing revenue.

The report lists jobs and the invoices associated with them, showing the monetary Variance between the Expected Invoice amount and the actual invoiced amount.

Cost of WIP

Managing and understanding your Work in Progress (WIP) can have significant tax and banking implications.

The Cost of WIP Report computes and lists the real-time cost (value) of your company’s WIP for all active jobs.

Mobile Charts & Reports

Accurate and Up-to-Date Access to Real-Time Job Costs & Expected Contributed Profit Margin!

Quickly Identify and React in Real-Time to “Jobs-in-Trouble”!

Never Second-Guess your New Business Pipeline – Quick Easy access to RFQ’s, Quotes, and Active Jobs!

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