I just want to say thanks for the rapid responses, and quick fixes.  You guys are not just friendly and helpful,

but you guys back it all up with knowing the ins and outs of Visi (rare commodity for any type of software provider).

You truly have an awesome group of people over there!

Rob Sulja


I keep repeating this, but I mean it……the support that is offered by you guys at TST is unparalleled in all the years I have had CAD or CAM software, and that goes back into the early 80’s! TST’s support, along with the incredible power of VISI, eliminates the opportunity for any excuse ‘that it won’t work!!!  https://moldworks.com/



Tom Grimes

MoldWorks USA, llc

They come out here and they’re a part of our team, everybody knows each other’s name. We’ve been involved, obviously the length of time helps for that, but they are very professional in what they do. They address what the issues are, they get it fully documented, they work with our people very well. It’s been a huge asset.  https://hsinc.us/


Phil Tanis

HS Die

Help from design to finished fabrication is at one phone call. That I can’t have with any other service. One of the most helpful support teams that I have had the pleasure of working with.  https://www.precisionstamping.com/

Jesse Parke

Precision Stamping Company

TST has been absolutely imperative for us for growing our software needs. The personal relationships they have, that their techs have with us, with our guys on the floor, we know we can always reach out, we can get an answer back right away. Even if it’s a more complex problem that they need more time to get through, they’ll work with us and make sure we’re not down or we’re not in trouble. We know that they’ve been here, they know our machines and they know what we’re dealing with. That’s been very important to us. https://www.rcoeng.com/

Justin Castillo


TST’s been phenomenal with helping us out with training. The training they’ve done both off site and onsite has been just awesome. They placed someone here with us two times a week right now, while we’re busy, to make sure we are completing our designs well, and if there are any questions the guys can get an answer right on the spot. It’s been a really good relationship.  https://paragonde.com/

Pat Brown

Paragon D & E 

Hatch Stamping is very impressed with the training and support we have received from TST.  The team has delivered the training on time and with the level of detail that assists our team members immediately.  The Support team responds quickly and efficiently.  Thank you!

Suzanne Morrison

Hatch Stamping Company

We were trained by TST in the use of VISI and all it’s features. I LOVE this software It actually does the things it says it will…

Joe Kadzban

Express It Inc.

Machining package is awesome! There is a huge benefit with an all in one package. Support is awesome.

Dennis Gill

Digital Tool & Die

TST Special Applications Group has saved us hundreds of hours with their custom applications. “They can make anything”

Mike Dery

RCO Engineering

TST doesn’t just teach the products they sell, they also teach the Process and the practical uses of the Applications. At the conclusion of the standard classes they come out on site and help us “Put it to real use”

Denis Comartin

Absolute Tool & Engineering