TST Tooling Software Technology, LLC is leading the charge to be competitive in a global economy, offering world class CAD/CAM technology and creative ERP solutions for the made-to-order Tooling Industry. Your company is unique, use our expertise to provide a unique solution for you.


An investment in technology is all about change and process management. We specialize in implementing strategic solutions. Our expert team works directly with your organization to transform strategy into action!


Configuration management is maximizing your business profitability using the combination of your hardware and software.  Our expert staff starts with the configuration of your facility, adds hardware, networking, and software configuration, then assists in managing the change in processes to insure that it all works together efficiently.


TST Application Engineers add value to your business by providing application development services for clients in need of customized software, that is not available off-the-shelf, and by customizing existing applications.


Our staff consultants can help your business build and maintain a secure, robust network and communications infrastructure to support any of your design and engineering solutions on the shop floor. We provide both wired and wireless networking! When downtime is NOT an option, choose TST Software for all of your networking needs.

Hardware / Software Installation

TST is designed to help system administrators, engineers, and designers streamline the process of packaging software and hardware applications for delivery to the end-users. Our Application Engineers can configure, install, setup, and program your system to your specific needs and requirements. Call us today.


TST understands the necessity of being able to bring your staff quickly up to speed. Our training staff will boost your technological competitiveness, allowing entry level users to quickly become productive, while enhancing the high power analysis of engineers.

Our Michigan training centers are the perfect launch point for your new investment, with state of the art training aids in place. However, all of our training aids are mobile, and we can train at your site, or at a site nearby.


TST offers a variety of support services to help businesses, engineers, and designers. We provide our customers with computer support, solutions, and advice to help solve any problem that may arise.

We provide technical support specialists with tooling and programming backgrounds to support software, hardware, and processes. Our technical resources are not just software people; they are die and mold toolmakers and machinists.

You can obtain technical information and support by phone, fax, and email.

Custom Applications

You talk, we listen! TST Custom Software Applications Group develops, deploys and maintains industry specific custom applications. Leading edge solutions, solutions that make sense!

Sometimes, a custom application is the most affordable way to capture and implement your business process. While our off the shelf world class products will take your company to the next level, it is our goal to automate every aspect of your process, to help you compete in the global market.

At TST we promise to recognize our customers’ needs and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible for your company’s continued growth and success!

Our Mission: TST will exceed customer expectations by providing complete solutions from start to finish - solutions that make sense.