TST Software and SelfLube: 10,000+ Components are now in VISI CAD

SelfLube is pleased to announce that as of February 26th, 3d models for its entire product line of precision mold and die components have now been fully incorporated into the VISI CAD components library courtesy of the team at TST Tooling Software, the master distributor of VISI CAD in North America. Now VISI users will be able to use VISI’s powerful “Builder” tool to select a 3d model for any of SelfLube’s 10,000+ components and quickly insert it into the 3d model for the tool being designed. This can all be done with a few mouse clicks.

For quite some time SelfLube has made 3d models of its components available online for customer download and will of course continue to do so. But, for VISI users we have gone one step further. Our 3d models are actually in the VISI library so no need to download.

“This is about providing greater value to our customers,” says Owner, Phil Allor. “It eliminates busywork that would otherwise be performed by a very key person in the customer’s organization, the tool designer. This frees up time for designers to do what they do best, design great tools.”

SelfLube is the leading U.S. manufacturer of precision Mold and Die components. It makes wear plates, wear strips, bushings, gibs, slides, and related items. It is located in West Michigan and supplies tool shops throughout North America.

They make both conventional and self-lubricating components in both inch and metric sizes. Our product line consists of more than 10,000 standard part numbers. We also make specials. This gives rise to a potentially infinite number of part numbers, which means that we can generally accommodate any size or special configuration a customer might need.

SelfLube began business in 1990 when Engineer and Management Consultant, Phil Allor purchased some used CNC equipment from a local die shop and began producing self-lubricating wear plates. We started out small with just a few local tool shops as customers and have grown continuously to where we are today. The secret of our success, which really isn’t much of a secret, is that we provide consistently high value to our customers.


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