TST and ETA, Inc. Announces the Release of All New Die System Simulation Solution (DYNAFORM® 6.0)

Troy, MI, January 6, 2020 –

Dynaform ETA, Inc. (Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.), an engineering and software innovator with 37 years in the automotive engineering community, announces the latest release of its ANSYS LS-DYNA® based, DYNAFORM® Version 6.0 Die System Simulation Solution software.

DYNAFORM is a natural addition to the TST portfolio, offering a variety of functions and features that will allow them to continue to expand its business in these industry sectors.

DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution, which allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs, increasing productivity & providing complete confidence in die system design.  It also allows for the evaluation of alternative and unconventional designs & materials.

DYNAFORM 6.0 offers an all-new graphic user interface with unified pre- and post-processing capabilities. Users may quickly conduct sheet metal stamping simulations to estimate the blank cost and formability of stamping parts using guided process wizards.

Some of the new features offered inside DYNAFORM 6.0 include:

  • Simulation Data Manager
  • Multi-Windows for Multi-Stage Simulation
  • Large Stamping Simulation Model of up to 10 Million Elements
  • Geometry Manager
  • Instant and Dynamic Section Cut
  • Tata Steel Forming Limit Diagram (FLD)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® and Excel® Based Automatic Report Generation
  • Automatic Mesh Generation from Surface Data
  • Process Wizard for Blank Size Engineering (BSE)
  • Tree Structure for Blank Size Engineering (BSE), Formability Simulation (FS), and Part On/Off in Display Area


“The new simplified GUI features and process in DYNAFORM 6.0 will improve the efficiency and productivity of stamping engineers with no prior experience in stamping simulation. I am very excited about this new release,” said Dr. Akbar Farahani, CEO of ETA.

Dynaform is a complete die system, LS-DYNA based simulation solution for the automotive, electrical, stamping, and tool & die industries. It allows organizations to evaluate alternative and unconventional designs and materials while reducing costs, eliminating prototype tooling, and improve product performance.

By simulating the die system, during the design stage, Dynaform ensures the highest quality formed part and most efficient manufacturing process possible.


About ETA, Inc.

Advanced product development engineers working as structural analysts for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers established ETA, Inc. in 1983. ETA’s expertise in providing product design & development solutions from concept to production, along with supplying research and innovation using CAE, CAD, and optimization tools (durability, vehicle dynamics, NVH, crash/safety, die system structure, and manufacturing processes). Proactive in the creation and implementation of new technology and software, ETA’s products include; DYNAFORM, ACP OpDesign™, VPG Suite™, and  PreSys®.

For further information about ETA and its products, please visit eta.com or call 248.729.3010.



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