PEPS Pentacut Laser with Laser 3D

PEPS Laser Simulation

Laser cutting software PEPS Laser cuts design time while Increasing Accuracy in Australian Shop Laser 3D, based in Melbourne, Australia, was established in 1992, supplying formed metal and plastic components predominantly to the automotive industry for clients, such as Ford, Toyota and GMH. During its rapid growth Laser, 3D installed 13 laser cutting systems across…

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Machining STRATEGIST with Ingersoll Machine Tools

Machining Strategist_1

“We selected Machining STRATEGIST because it allows us to utilize all of our high-speed machines due to the dedicated HSM toolpath techniques within the software. We are in the business of producing and manufacturing high-speed machines with spindle speeds of up to 24,000 RPM and feed rates of up to 1,200 inches per minute. The…

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Manufacturing with a Progressive Edge with VISI Software

Atlantic Tool and Die VISI Progess Stamped part

VISI assists Atlantic Tool & Die with the design of complex progressive dies for the automotive industry. At Atlantic Tool & Die, the proof, and the success of the company, is in its processes. With VISI software in their back pocket, the success is sure to keep growing.  “One thing that we really hang our…

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CAD/CAM Technology Results in Customer Benefits

Tape Master manufacturing facility

New CAD/CAM Technology Results in Customer Benefits A main strength of TapeMaster is the CNC machining of complex prototypes. To maintain its competitive edge, a CAD/CAM solution for manufacturing difficult-to-machine prototypes within a variety of industries was required. After working with a software company that provided limited support and few updates, TapeMaster began a search…

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Software User Spotlight: Designing with vision using VISI CAD/CAM


With help from the VISI CAD/CAM solution, Vector Mold Design creates molds and components for the automotive industry. Rob Rammeloo has come a long way since founding his mold-design business as a lone entrepreneur from a back room in his home. As he embarked upon the unpredictable adventure of business ownership, the founder of Windsor,…

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The Artful Science of Mold Simulation

Upstate Simulations VISI Flow

Upstate Simulations masters the art and science of mold design with VISI Flow. An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, but when the art and science of injection molding is at play, that pound of cure can very quickly become a ton. If you ask Rich Bryan, owner of Upstate Simulations…

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Job-Tracking, Quoting and Management Software a Perfect Fit for Job Shop

Tombigbee Tooling Sign- TSTracker Job Tracking

Job Tracking, Quoting, and Management Software a Perfect Fit for Job Shop Accurate cost estimating and job tracking is critical in running a successful and profitable business. Estimating too high delivers fewer jobs while estimating too low shrinks profits. And, losing track of an invoice, or forgetting to invoice a customer, affects the bottom line.…

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Pioneer Die Sets, Customer Success Story

Pioneer Steel Grand Rapids Shop floor

Pioneer Steel Corporation was founded 30 years ago to fill a need for fast service on a continuous basis without the sacrifice of superior quality. They started as a Steel service center, rapidly growing into grinding, machining, and assembly of die sets. Over the years, the company has grown and now has three locations in…

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Leading-edge technology, and motivated, well-trained, and talented people—we all know that these key ingredients contribute mightily to the continued success of any manufacturing company. And it is precisely these two ingredients that have the attention of Batesville Tool & Die (BTD) president and CEO Jody Fledderman, as he looks ahead to the next phase of…

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Producing Progressive Dies

Decore Tool & Mfg- VISI software

VISI  Software helps DeCore Tool & Manufacturing design with ease. Housed in an unassuming brick building in the Chicago suburb of Carol Stream, Ill., DeCore Tool & Manufacturing is a powerhouse hidden in plain sight. Scott DeCore was the company’s sole employee in 1996 when he founded the business as a lone entrepreneur. The nearly…

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